Love fully, live freely, laugh often, forgive instantly and above all to thine own self be true…

Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin.

Modern Yogi Coaching — From chaos to clarity, stillness leads to high performance.
Marc Titus, the Modern Yogi, Shaman, Author, Photographer, Wildland Firefighter, Modern Yogi

The Calm is within the Storm

I just want to be happy… Anonymous.

Is life getting in the way? Are you stressed and feeling overwhelmed? Does your job fulfill you or are you overworked and under paid? Is your health suffering? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Are your relationships fulfilling or do you find yourself in a rut and don’t see any way out?  There is a better way…

Marc’s unique modern yoga perspective, life experience and energy can benefit you now! Gain clarity and insight today with a free 30 minute consultation. Learn Yoga for a better life. Create higher vibrations and true happiness. Let go of fears, habits or addictions. Change can be difficult and must be supported by the mind, body and Spirit so you can step into a life that is uplifting and filled with joy.

Yoga is much more than a physical practice and is available to all as a means of creating greater balance and harmony in your life. It is the practice of stilling what needs be stilled and awakening that which needs awakening. Yoga will guide you to become what you can become. Schedule a consult now and we can discuss how! In person (Sedona), phone or Skype.

You are the Hero of this Soul Journey to Consciousness… and with heart-centered, service oriented thoughts, words and actions, your light will shine and the world around you will begin to coalesce into something you have always dreamed of…

Find Breath… Your Inspiration.
Yoga begins Now
Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.
Patanjali — Yoga Sutras
Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked. 
Patanjali — Yoga Sutras
Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. 
the Buddha
Karma yoga is a supreme secret indeed. 
Bhagavad Gita
A remarkable You!
Infinite and Free
Heroes of the Now are bringing about dramatic inner shifts towards peace and tranquility.  They are finding a higher vibration, their Life Purpose and creating a new experience guided by Spirit.  They quest for the Truth and self-mastery, knowing it will set them free.  This internal journey forwards peace on the planet and furthers evolutionary growth during these trying times of change and transition.  Heroes of the Now hold ever true to the highest good for all Creation and with heart-centered thoughts, words and actions are bringing consciousness to humanity.

Marc’s book took me on a journey of rediscovery of my true self, my connections and the infinite possibilities. In a realm full of distractions where it is easy to pulled away from your spiritual path, this book was a “spiritual oasis” providing a structured and practical approach to getting back there. On the way, there are tears, challenges and revelations but the guidance Marc provides gets you through and onto the next platform. I am grateful to Marc and would recommend this book to anyone serious about their spiritual development.  Angie Ursic, Melbourne Australia

provides much opportunity for consciousness growth and spiritual development. The red rock landscape and energy vortexes are an amazing backdrop and studio for a deepening into your Yoga Practice.  Yoga classes in Sedona, taught by a yoga teacher who has lived in Sedona for over 5 years can uplift and re-energize your Spirit, mind & body connection. Yoga land journeys are also available.
 Marc is an inspirational teacher, with his words bringing personal, authentic and wise teachings to every student. By walking on the pathway to tap into his own truth he is able to touch others and teach from a place of experience, deep kindness and understanding.

Nicola Phoenix, the Spiritual Phsychologist



Marc is a friend, mentor and guide for life.

His books explore humanity and life as they exist in our everyday. He teaches creating light where there is darkness, positive energy where there is none, and high density energy to replace low and that realising our paths and the love and joy available along the way is possible, when we live with clarity. Marc guides you on a journey of self discovery allowing you to explore your inner self, and with an understanding of your personal consciousness it brings an awareness of the positive earth energy helping you to release past negativities and move forward with an enlightened focus.

Raison Detre Yoga helps to open up those positive pathways and Marc’s yoga sessions combine mind body and spirituality focussed on light and personal development. Marc teachers yoga as a way of being. By incorporating yoga in your every day, the light it brings travels with you and you become more aware of positive experiences and are able to share your positive light with everyone you meet.

We highly recommend Marc’s teachings as a wonderful and positive guide for life.

Michael and Lisa Jackson

Melbourne, Australia


It is one thing to meet someone, have coffee, talk and part but just meeting you without the above is something to behold. You are just a beautiful SOUL and forever you are engraved in my heart for that. Good luck in your next endeavor until we meet again somewhere, somehow, someplace, sometime.

Mathilda Miller, Las Vegas, Nevada

Sooo wonderful to have spent some time with you yesterday! Thanks for all your wisdom and guidance. Now I’m back on the path I’m meant to be, thanks to you. And…I’ve decided that I need to make copies of your meditation to keep around various places in my house while I’m getting the hang of things. :)

Hope you have a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l book signing today!

Laura Gylys, Olympia, WA

explore unconditionally, saying yes to the facts of life. Accept your past and where you are now. Unconditional acceptance is unconditional love and this is healing. thanks for helping me understand this concept.

Dixie Kingsbury, Flagstaff, AZ


When I first met Marc, an indescribable warmth and feeling of love encompassed me and I felt home. I knew he was soul family.

Marc has guided me to remember the great light that I have to shine, helped me get my power back, worked with me to expand my vision of my dreams and goals to see what is true, and so much more with his gifts as a spiritual guide, yogi, and healer. Using yoga, meditation, and soul retrieval Marc has helped me remember where to find Source and my strong connection to Source. I am so grateful for his journey and my journey and the connecting the two have done. I am so blessed to have Marc as a guide, teacher, and friend. And I am forever grateful. Big, huge giganticness of love!

Christi Waldon
Los Angeles, CA