Heroes of the Now is a journey of self-discovery, a story of Love and Healing and describes a path to experiencing greater Joy in Life.  Through the shamanic techniques of forgiveness and release and Soul Retrieval, a spiritual awakening occurred.  The path, well described, guides truth seekers to look within the depths of their own internal worlds, actual realities held within the supposed confines of the mind, to find Peace.  Spirit is within and all around, however, it is only when a peaceful internal world is present that a cohesive and consistent connection to it can exist.  Heroes of the Now is a call to action for those ready to serve Humanity in new and exciting ways.

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Angie Ursic, Melbourne, Australia

Marc’s book took me on a journey of rediscovery of my true self, my connections and the infinite possibilities. In a realm full of distractions where it is easy to pulled away from your spiritual path, this book was a “spiritual oasis” providing a structured and practical approach to getting back there. On the way, there are tears, challenges and revelations but the guidance Marc provides gets you through and onto the next platform. I am grateful to Marc and would recommend this book to anyone serious about their spiritual development.

Lisa and Michael Jackson, Melbourne, Australia

Marc is a friend, mentor and guide for life.

His books explore humanity and life as they exist in our everyday. He teaches creating light where there is darkness, positive energy where there is none, and high density energy to replace low and that realising our paths and the love and joy available along the way is possible, when we live with clarity. Marc guides you on a journey of self discovery allowing you to explore your inner self, and with an understanding of your personal consciousness it brings an awareness of the positive earth energy helping you to release past negativities and move forward with an enlightened focus.

Raison Detre Yoga helps to open up those positive pathways and Marc’s yoga sessions combine mind body and spirituality focussed on light and personal development. Marc teachers yoga as a way of being. By incorporating yoga in your every day, the light it brings travels with you and you become more aware of positive experiences and are able to share your positive light with everyone you meet.

We highly recommend Marc’s teachings as a wonderful and positive guide for life.

Christi Waldon, Los Angeles, CA

When I first met Marc, an indescribable warmth and feeling of love encompassed me and I felt home. I knew he was soul family.

Marc has guided me to remember the great light that I have to shine, helped me get my power back, worked with me to expand my vision of my dreams and goals to see what is true, and so much more with his gifts as a spiritual guide, yogi, and healer. Using yoga, meditation, and soul retrieval Marc has helped me remember where to find Source and my strong connection to Source. I am so grateful for his journey and my journey and the connecting the two have done. I am so blessed to have Marc as a guide, teacher, and friend. And I am forever grateful. Big, huge giganticness of love!

Nicola Phoenix, the Spiritual Psychologist

Marc is an inspirational teacher, with his words bringing personal, authentic and wise teachings to every reader. By walking on the pathway to tap into his own truth he is able to touch others and teach from a place of experience, deep kindness and understanding.


From the Publisher

Heroes of the Now is a deep exploration into the human experience.  It is one mans deep journey into the unknown to discover his Authentic Self, revealing the Truth his very existence.  It is an adventure, of epic proportions and one gets a sense of the experience through Marc’s letters to his Dear Friend, whom he shares the intimate details of his coming to the Light.  Masterfully woven the tale is told between useful guidance and insights on many spiritual matters.  Marc gives a unconditional peek into the ascension process, where where Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Release create the pathway for healing and spiritual growth.  It is a call to action, summoning all Heroes of the Now to take total personal responsibility and step into higher states of consciousness to bring peaceful vibrations to the world today.  Heroes of the Now are bring consciousness to humanity and it is making a difference…

Book Details

  • Pub. Date: February 12, 2011
  • Publisher: Thematic Solutions Publishing
  • Format: Paperback, 190pp
  • ISBN: 9780984537808

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