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Modern Yogi Coaching is borne from my life experience.  If you find right now that your world is a tumultuous place, I can help.  Using principles and techniques gleaned from years of study and practice in Yoga, Shamanism, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, eastern philosophy, energy medicine and vibrational healing, I will guide you through to achieve personal clarity and insight by direct experience.

Are you asking these questions?  How do I change my Life?  What is the meaning of LIfe?  What is my LIfe Purpose?  What is Yoga?  What is Meditation?  What is Shamanism?  Are you wondering about spirituality and how it fits into your life?  We will examine your current state and matters, reframe and move into a higher awareness.  Your light will shine as we build your energy and vibration up through yoga, breath and meditation.  oh, and don’t worry, these aren’t the kind of yoga poses for only young, 20-somethings who can bend like a pretzel… Yoga is much more than the physical practice or yoga asanas!  It means Union and in that context we will explore your mind, body & Spirit unity throughout our Modern Yogi Coaching experience.

I offer a unique perspective. My twenty-plus year career in business, government, emergency and incident management combined with over ten years of intensive studies in consciousness and personal development has perfectly positioned me to be of service in these challenging times.

All too often, we are applying our valuable energy and resources in misguided directions, often ending interminable days exhausted, depleted and deeply unsatisfied.  Together, we can get your life back on track and moving in the direction of your highest good.

Please use the form below to request a free 15-min consultation.  We can go from there.

You are the Hero of your Journey… and with heart-centered, service oriented thoughts, words and actions the world around you will begin to coalesce into something you have always dreamed of…  

From chaos to clarity, stillness leads to high performance…


Modern Yogi Coaching sessions can be done in-person, by phone or Skype.

Half day and full day rates are available and will be sent to your email when booking a consultation.

Your willingness to allow for a new experience, brings about change.  Please recognize that this path requires commitment, focus and energy on your part.  In doing so, you in turn will gain your freedom and the Universe will respond in kind!

Ready to embark on your Journey?  Use the Paypal Menu below to pay for your session/s and when I receive confirmation of payment, we will schedule your appointments.  Thank you!

Call now to discuss your appointment…  You can reach me at 928.451.6337.  Namaste

Modern Yogi Coaching



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