Heroes of the Now | 2-week Journey to Remembering

We Begin Right Here, Right Now

Today we begin a journey into expanded consciousness. We start right where we are, right now… Take a couple of minutes to allow yourself to be in your body and breath. Deep breaths into your belly allowing it to expand, filling your lungs deeply and fully. Cycle a few of those and be…

Over the next two weeks, I will be posting here daily.  A theme for the day will emerge from the practice and I will share my experience with it and guide you, the participant through an experience of letting go and remembering.  This is a transformational practice and much healing can and will occur if one is willing to do the work and go deep.  We must let so much go in order to remember, so that is what we shall do.

Today we be begin.  Right here, Right Now…  Commit to this practice for the next 2 weeks. Stand up for your inner being and say I accept.  We come to the practice as we are right now, carrying all the experiences that we care to remember, or not remember into this moment with us.  So, take a look…

  • Was it easy or difficult to find a moment to just breathe and be?  How long did it last?
  • Was your mind still or filled with thoughts?
  • Were you able to shut out the external world or did it invade your space?
  • What emotions were just under the surface?
  • Were you skeptical or resonant?
  • Was there judgement or blame of self and others?
  • Was there Love and Kindness?  Joy or Happiness?

Don’t let these questions be your only guide…  Merely allow yourself to take stock of where you are at. Acceptance is a good practice now.  Accept the way things are in this moment as you enter your practice. This is the way we come to it, as we are…  The better we can accept that the smoother things will be and easier it will be to raise our vibrational frequency.

So, take a look today as you move from experience to experience, moment to moment and pay attention to what comes up.  Allow for an intuitive experience to come to you, stay open and bring awareness to the present as often as possible.  And we begin, as we are right now.

Prepare for the journey by starting your own journal, gather your supplies… pen and paper, open a word document and save it, find your tools of expression and gather them to you.  Perhaps a video and or blog comes of it or it comes from the ethers and returns to, it’s up to you.  However, you do need to document this journey for yourself…  So, come to peace with that and find your means of expression, call it out and embrace it for it will be your companion and guide for the next two weeks.

I welcome feedback and comments, please share your experiences here and/or at the Facebook fan page.  This experience is for all to share, learn and grow…  To understand that there is community in this peaceful endeavor.  In beauty we walk together and create synergy as we all come to faster vibrational frequencies and higher consciousness our light shines bright!

Now go into your practice again and take a few minutes to meditate, begin by focusing all attention and awareness on the breath.  Expand your being through your breath, rising into higher frequencies of Love and Kindness.  Feel it move through you in this breath.  You may choose to use a guided meditation to assist you in your practice, awesome… A sample from Heavenly Hygiene a shamanic meditation that is a stand alone World Peace Meditation is available here.

Now with your awareness firmly rooted, carry this experience throughout the day.  Notice and express, experience and journal…  Bring your consciousness, that which you just connected to into as many moments as you can today.

Blessings to you on your way…

Love and Kindness,


Day 2 — Total Personal Responsibility and more…

Today we begin, picking up from yesterday we start by connecting to that peaceful place we found.  Still your being with the breath, accept where you are right now and allow all the thoughts and memories to cycle by like you are watching them play out on a movie screen.  Focus only on your breathing, yet pay attention to what you are seeing and feeling in your thought stream or mind as though you were observing it from another location.   If you haven’t already, take a moment to write down some of these feelings, emotions, memories or pictures.

As you are going through this experience, also notice how your body feels or what your body is trying to tell you.  As the images, thoughts and memories come up do you feel peaceful and relaxed, or tense and constricted?  There are other sensations that can occur, however these are very telling and others are likely to be some derivative of them.  So, just notice how your body feels and try to sense what it is trying to communicate to you.  If you like, take a moment to write down what you are experiencing…

Total personal responsibility is just what it sounds like… There is only you in this experience that you are creating and your thoughts, words and actions are your means of expression.  Too often, when one is going through life from an unconscious place, it is easy to shift responsibility to something other than you.  Taking total personal responsibility for all one’s thoughts, words and actions is an enormous step towards reclaiming one’s own sovereignty in this experience we call life.  So that is what we are going to do.

For a moment, contemplate what this means from a mind sense… Think about it for a moment.  Ask yourself what it means to you to take total personal responsibility. Have that conversation and write it down.  Is there resistance?  Have you been conditioned to look to the external world of your experience and shift responsibility “out there” somewhere?  I know that I did…  But, I can say that is just an illusion.  Sovereignty over one’s thoughts, words and actions is a powerful place to be.  This means, deeply, that no matter what is going on externally, you have the ability to interact… to express yourself as you choose.  This is a powerful tool that helps us to remember who we really are.

So, Now center yourself and repeat these words out loud and to yourself as many times as necessary to feel the effect.

I NOW Take Total Personal Responsibility for all My Thoughts, Words and Actions I have ever Created in any lifetime…

Take these words deep into your being, embrace them as though your Soul Essence was speaking them.  Allow them to have the True meaning that they really have.  Total (complete or absolute)… Personal (of, affecting, or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else)… Responsibility (the state or fact of being accountable)

Recognize that these words have power, an energetic resonance and frequency that is associated with them.  These particular words have the power to free you from an illusion that has been perpetuated for a very long time.  Allow your consciousness to expand and notice what is happening for you right now.  You are getting lighter, your being is freeing up stuck energy that has been bound in the illusion that you didn’t have any power. Well, you do and this is what it is all about, reclaiming your power and taking responsibility for what you are thinking, doing and saying.

My experience has shown me that the world is filled with Love and Kindness, that our natural state as human beings is that of Love and Kindness and anything that is the contrary to that is an illusion. How was I deceived?  Well, for me I lost my connection to Creator a very long time ago and started to agree with the “world around me” that I was presented with.  My life was filled with people, places and things that perpetuated the illusion…  Experiences that I agreed to that cut off the connection to Source and Love and Kindness.

So, the next thing we must do is cancel those agreements.  As I said earlier, all words, thoughts and actions have a resonant frequency or energy and if I agree to that frequency then I continue to resonate at that vibration.  When we get caught up in the illusion many things that are other than aligned with the Truth begin to permeate our energy beings.  These energetic contracts, vows and agreements that we have made, knowingly or unknowingly bind us to them just as though we are signing a physical contract.  Without a conscious canceling, we continue to operate to the terms of the contract, much of the time without our knowledge of it.

A simple example would be something like this…

You are getting ready for work and are feeling really great!  You slept good, had good dreams and woke up refreshed and alive… Happy and Joyous.  You look outside and see that the sky is dark with ominous clouds and remark to yourself just how beautiful creation is in it’s entirety.  You see the Thunder Beings and the Rain Makers as an integral part of the Natural World and feel blessed that today the cleansing properties of the rain are here to bring much needed water to the arid landscape.  You are feeling as though you are one with Creation…  As you leave the house, again you smile as the winds of change are blowing and all is right and just in your world.  You arrive at the coffee shop, for that lovely morning cup to a long line of grumpy people… There is only one person there and many beverages for them to make.  You overhear two strangers commenting that this coffee shop has gone downhill and the service is terrible, yet you remain connected to your experience of Love and Kindness.  Then it happens… A peaceful looking gentleman comes in out of the rain and walks up to you and stands behind you.  Very innocently he says… “Wow, is it ever Nasty out there…”  What do you do?

When this happened to me, habits kicked in and I looked up at him and agreed…  Contract signed, agreement made.  It can be that simple, it is that simple actually, I just turned over and agreed that things were nasty.  Well, they weren’t for me and here I was agreeing with this other person that they were…  Can you see?

We also must look at Spells and Curses, as they are similar to Contracts.  Spells and Curses are merely contracts that are “cast” upon another, most often without their knowledge.  This occurs when someone applies a tremendous amount of energy, thought and emotion onto another person often times to their detriment.

So, in this next step today is to cancel all Contracts, Vows, Agreements, Spells and Curses…

Repeat these words aloud and to yourself as many times as needed to feel the effect.  Speak them and experience them resonate from the deepest places in your being.

I NOW Cancel all Contracts, Vows and Agreements, Spells and Curses that I have made myself or that have been placed upon me by others.

Allow that to sink in, take it deep into your being and feel the energy free up.

By taking Total Personal Responsibility and Canceling Contracts, etc you have taken a monumental step forward in your spiritual growth and understanding.  You have declared to Creator and the Universe that you are reclaiming your Sovereignty.

Take a few moments to get back into your breath… meditate for  a while… Journal or create.

Carry this experience with you today.  Look for the places where you are out of alignment and take responsibility.  Make the necessary adjustments.  Remember how powerful your words, thoughts and actions are and choose responsibly what you are to do with them.  Recognize where current actions may be aligned with an old contract  or agreement that is no longer present and make the adjustments.  See yourself as the Loving and Kind Being that your truly are and carry that with you today and always.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”, Ghandi

Love and Kindness,


Day 3 — Find your center.

Today we meditate…

But, first let’s review what we did yesterday.  Total personal responsibility and cancellation of contracts, vows agreements, spells and curses is a HUGE step.  This declaration of your will allows for the energy to free up and provide much better access to your Soul.  Always continue to take these declarations deeper and deeper until they become a part of your being.  Consider for a moment what these words mean and you will begin to see just how powerful words can be.  Allow yourself to truly feel to the core of your being what is happening as a result of your declaration.

Stand Tall in the light that you are.  See yourself as a radiant being perfectly positioned in time and space to experience exactly what you need to learn and grow.  Allow the energy, right now in this moment to expand into your consciousness and be right here with it.  What is happening around you, in your world, that is important for you to see and understand?  Take total personal responsibility for all your thoughts, words and actions right now.  How will you be in this moment?

Powerful stuff…  In order to work with this energy, we need to still or quiet the mind.  The mind is an active place for those just beginning on the path, filled with notions that are rooted in the past.  Today commit to a practice of meditation.  This is a very personal practice and can take many forms, you will find what works for you.

Today, we begin very simply with the breath.  Deep breathing that trains our body to use our entire lungs for this very important bodily function.  Here we go…

Find a comfortable place, free from distractions.  Perhaps some soothing instrumental music, but stay away from lyrics, or an outdoor location with the sounds of nature as your background.  I recommend Heavenly Hygiene a shamanic mediation.  A sample can be listened to here.  Disconnect from the outside world, turn off cell phones, disable computer notifications, put up a sign on the door so other family members know to allow you some space…  Make sure you will be free from outside distractions for the entirety of the experience.

Are you ready?  Let’s begin.  Sit comfortably on the floor or chair, keeping your head, neck and spine in vertical alignment.  Relax.  Start by bringing awareness to your breath. Follow it.  See where it goes.  In your comfortable position just breathe normally for a few minutes.  Notice what your breath feels like.  Is it deep and full, sinking into your belly or shallow and light staying high in your chest?  Is it smooth, flowing freely or is it tight and constricted?  Are you breathing through your nose or mouth?  Take inventory of these sensations…

Anytime your awareness strays to something other than your breath, gently guide it back.  Beginning meditation can be fun and exciting if we let it.  Of course there is a thought stream and yes you will be distracted.  That is all part of the experience.  How do you feel now?  Are you peaceful and serene?  Happy and Joyful?  Frustrated with other things to do. What is that mind trying to tell you?

Begin to deepen your breath now, making a conscious effort to inhale deeply through your nose and allowing your belly to expand filling your lungs completely.  As that breath comes to it’s fullest point without strain, relax and exhale through your mouth with pursed lips so there is a slight pressure and a “blowing” sound.  There is a great example on that sample track…  Cycle this breath now for a few minutes. Again, keep your attention and focus on your breathing, gently guiding it back when it strays.

Visualize yourself in a peaceful and serene setting where all that is happening is stillness and breath.  See yourself in this place, smiling and bright.  See yourself just being in the beautiful moment, conscious, present and aware.  Continue this breath work for as long as you can breathing with the flow of the universe.  See yourself as the observer of the action, see the peace and tranquility that this practice is generating.  See your creation…

That’s it…  Just sit quietly and breathe.  Try to do it for as long as you can sustain your focus.  Just breathe.  Our minds may try and tell us something very different… I must be doing something, it may say…  __________________… Fill in the blank.  I know there will be a dialogue.  Your journaling tools are nearby, so get them and use them.  Tell the page what just happened.  What did you experience? How did you Feel?  Were there physical sensations?  Was your thought stream clear?  These are all important signs to pay attention to.  Write them down now, immediately after your meditation.  Stay clear and present in the time after the meditation as additional things may come up.  Be present and aware and remember the experience.

Stillness is such an important component to this growth process.  It is something that we have a difficult time achieving as we have been run around so much in the external world.  Oftentimes we forget just how important it is to take the time to connect with our Higher Consciousness.  You have done so now in this moment.  Savor it and carry it with you today and always.

As your practice grows, your meditation will become yours.  You will find the right place, time and method that works for you.  Please share your experiences in comments or on theHeroes of the Now page on Facebook, as we are all in this together.  We can share, learn and grow from one another’s experiences.  We are here now to help one another.

Right now commit to a daily mediation practice for yourself, for your freedom…

Love and Kindness,


Day 4 – Reclaim Your Body Temple

Today we begin… Right here and now, we take total personal responsibility and cancel contracts, etc.  We breathe and find our center.  We meditate.  With these simple steps we have opened a doorway to reclaim our minds.  The past two days experiences have given a glimpse of what can be achieved with daily practice.  As we progress, weave the previous days experiences into more intricate patterns during your day.  Catch yourself as you commute to work. Someone challenges you on the road, send Love.  Breathe consciously for a few minutes for every hour worked.  Bring these new awarenesses into your life.  We have started to reclaim our mind and now we begin to support our bodies.

What do you eat?  Do you know where it comes from?  Do you know what it is made of?  Can you pronounce all the ingredients?  Do you look at the ingredients?  Are you completely aware of the food and beverages you ingest on a daily basis?  Are you conscious in this area of your life?  Is your food prepared in a Loving manner?

This can be a very profound experience, so here we go…

Shine the light of your awareness into the area of your personal diet, eating and drinking habits.  Begin your quest for the Truth.  Come to know the things that you put into your Temple, the Body.  Become intimately aware.  If you don’t know what it is, find out.  Perhaps you will be surprised to find out that much of our mass processed and distributed “food” is pretty devoid of nutrition and more importantly, life energy.

So, today I ask you to take stock of the situation.  Get your journal to the ready, keep it close by all day and become an investigator.  Check everything you are inclined to eat and drink. Know what it is before.  Ask the questions…

From personal experience I can share that I was very addicted to fast food and other very unhealthy and “unnatural” foods.  Today I can barely eat out with the rampant infusion of artificial ingredients, corporate greed and unconscious food preparation so prevalent in many restaurants today.  I have seen the food services industry in a new light and it has completely changed my life, health and vitality.

So, please become keenly aware of your intake.

Today, find and commit to a detox program.  There are many products and supplements out there, find what resonates with you.  Drink lots of clean, pure, fresh water and label your water bottles with short inspirational inscriptions or words such as Love, Gratitude, Peace, Balance, Abundance, Success, Highest Good, Trust…  You get it.  Water becomes structured and takes on the resonant frequency of these words, so when you drink it your body which is mostly water takes on these frequencies as well…  Investigate… google: messages from water

Consider everything…  Start right now.  What did you eat and drink since you got up this morning. Write it down.  A pattern will emerge.  You will discover something about yourself that was previously not known.  You will awaken in you a desire to know what is going into your Temple and as your practice deepens your tolerance for impurity may and likely will change.

I have come to discover that our bodies are made to function perfectly.  We just need to fuel them in the right way.  So, today… Eat something local, organic, fresh and prepared consciously.  You will find it or you will make it, either way bring consciousness into your diet, find and start an internal cleanse program and become a food investigator.

It’s your body… the only one you get this go ’round.  No matter where you are on your path your body will respond to this change.  Take notice now and commit to the practice that brings purity to the food and drink you put in your temple.  You are,  Worth it!

Please share your experiences in the comments or on Facebook!   I know there will be a great many discoveries to share.  Some fascinating information and deeper understanding can and will come in your investigation.  Welcome it.  Open to it.  Share it.  I am very interested in comments relating to HFCS and wheat and gluten allergies… Thank you and Blessings on your Journey, my Brothers and Sisters.

Love and Kindness,


Day 5 – Stand on the Earth

Wow, here we are already 5 days into this wonderful Journey, with incredible insight and discovery.  As you can see this practice is somewhat cumulative in nature often being described as peeling the layers of the onion we dig deeper every moment.  Each of our previous days experience becomes foundation for the moment at hand.  We are in the process of re-training ourselves to ‘see’ differently as many have been conditioned to see what the governing society wants us to see.  It is an illusion and as we begin to peel away the layers to reveal more information a new world opens to us… We must let it, to be sure… We must want it from the depth of our beings.  It is a commitment to ourselves and we continue now.

Come into your awareness, the practice, right now however you are.  Bring yourself to this present moment and begin to breathe consciously.  Take total personal responsibility and cancel contracts, etc and give yourself some time to meditate.  Find your center, that radiant core from which your being moves with Divine purpose.  Bring all of your awareness to right now, notice all of your surroundings… Open your eyes and look around. What do you see?  Where are you? at work, the office, at the airport?  How close are you to our Mother Earth?  Are you standing on her now?  Are you grounded?

Write in your journal the sensations you are experiencing now.  Focus your awareness to how grounded you feel.  Allow that to hold whatever meaning it does for you and describe your sensations.  Just open the floodgates and let that pen float across the page or your fingertips fly across the keyboard. Write it out, now while it is fresh in your experience.

I remember when I was working at a large government office, often I would enter the building at 5:00 am and never touch the Earth for the next 10 hours…  Sure there were windows, but I was inside with all that energy, all those vibrations and no way to ground out and reconnect with the vibrations of our Earth Mother.  When I did go outside, I was completely unaware of any natural surroundings as often I carried the issues from inside to out.  Is this your experience?

After you have finished your journaling, step outside and onto the Earth.  Stand barefoot on the ground if you can and close your eyes.  Align your body comfortably and relax… draw your shoulder blades back and align your center axis. Breathe.  Feel a connection to the Mother extending beyond your feet… roots, energetic roots that go deep, down and into the core of our beautiful planet, our home.  Feel those roots strengthen and grow, allowing energy to exchange between you and Earth’s core.  Feel the vibration of the Universe flowing through her, aligning your vibrations with it.  Allow any negative energies, dark or shadow thoughts and emotions to drain out those roots.  With conscious effortless effort ‘push’ those things you wish to leave out through your roots and allow them to dissipate into the ground…

Open your eyes and notice what you feel.  Look around you for natural Earth relations.  Look for the birds and trees, the grass and flowers.  Hear the freedom songs the birds are singing, inhale the life energy or prana and feel it’s tingle on your skin… Open your nostrils and smell deeply for the purity of the life’s breath.  Find a tree and place your hands on it’s skin… Feel the life energy flowing through this magnificent creation, feel your connection to it.  Look at it’s leaves, introduce yourself…  This tree is your brother or sister, it is part of all creation and perfect in it’s nature.  Find a stone and see it’s elderly wisdom, pick it up and hold it close to your heart.

Today, connect with the Earth.  Share it’s strength and power, feel her pulsing, vibrant and alive with the natural vibrations of the Universe.  This is our home, this planet we stand on.  Root deeply into this awareness.  See all the Earth relations with new sight. Do the flowers strive to be any more than they are, beauty in the moment… Are the birds singing songs of gossip or ballads of despair?   Does water flow uphill?  Look around and take notice of things you may never have actually been aware of.

Presence yourself in nature today and stand effortlessly and gracefully on your Mother Earth.  Write about this experience on a new page of your journal.  Notice your sensations and thoughts, your clarity and peace of mind.  Do you feel different than before?  Did you feel the release or grounding?  Allow yourself to really explore your experience and share if you are so inclined.

Any time you may be feeling a little off, return to your home… Stand on the Earth and ground…

Love and Kindness,


Day 6 – I am Grateful

Well, here we are… On the path to remembering.  Daily, in every moment we must move with conscious and purposeful intent.  In every moment we must see the beauty and perfection all around us.  We must put aside our conditioned-based judgements about what is happening all around us and just be.

I am constantly reminded that all that is happening around me is for my growth and development.  I am Grateful for these experiences that have brought about an inner peace.  I am so very Grateful.

Today we dig into our sense of gratitude.  Today we allow this gratitude to take the front row and really work it.  Today be grateful.  Take it deep and find your expression of gratitude, find your way…

There is much to be grateful for and often times in the hustle and bustle of the world around us we forget this.  In our practice, we must cultivate an awareness of this and move towards gratitude at every opportunity.  This is your assignment today.

Be Grateful…

My teacher has been in town all week and the energy is flowing.  I am grateful to all my teachers along the way and I am grateful to Blue Cloud for his assistance on my path.  The following is from his website and there is a link below.

Have a Great-ful day!

Love and Kindness,


I am Grateful… (repeat before every phrase)

That I am the Light of this Body, the Universal Being, Beyond the Mind, I Am That, True Radiant ONE.

To the Creator-of-All for sharing all of Creation with My-Self

For the Infinite Creative Soul That I Am

To My Spiritual Guides who are always ready to help me for My Highest Good

To Break All Contracts and Spells that I have made against My highest good in any Lifetime.

For the Recovery of my Soul Essence from all Lifetimes

For My Clear Loving Mind

For the Healthy Body-Temple in which I Live

To my Earth Mother for the Good Food, Water, Air and Shelter that She provides Me

To Be Free from all Negative Influence

For my Life Experiences from which I gain Wisdom

For my Complete Spiritual Awareness

For Healthy Loving Relationships of every Kind

For the Unconditional Love I receive from all Life

For the Forgiveness and Release I exchange with all Creation

For the Abundance in All the Things That Are Coming toward Me Every Moment

I Am Grateful to Love Myself

I am the Light of this Body, The Universal Being Beyond the Mind, I Am That True Radiant ONE. There is no Other.

here is a link to the original website –> http://nativeearthnation.org/I-Am-Grateful.html

Day 7 – True Nature

I am Love and Kindness, I feel Love and Kindness, I share Love and Kindness, I Love myself completely, I Love all that I am, I Love all Creation.

Look at the Natural world around you.  The animals, birds, trees and stones, all of creation in the Natural world provides the clue.  Look around and see what is happening in the Natural world.  There is only joy, only celebration.  Only Love.  The Natural world shows us our True Nature if we let it.  We are part of that Natural world, but over 1000′s of years we have disconnected from this.  Humanity has come to be the conqueror of Nature, placing ourselves at the top of the chain, very much a domineering force.

We have done innumerable wrongs to our Mother Earth, to the Natural world with our influence.  We have come to a place in time, where the Natural World is suffering and trying to heal.  Our Earth Mother needs to heal and she is.  Many of the Wisdom Keepers are trying to communicate this at this time.  Humanity has been dominating and attempting to control Nature and it hurts all involved.

Today in our practice we go deeper.  We take total personal responsibility and cancel contracts, etc.  We get into our breath and find our center.  We are grateful.  And as this all sinks deeper into our being we can begin to see.  There is a glimmer there, at the core of our beings.  The light, we are aware of it, but perhaps unsure.  In our quest to remember, this is a very important stage.

Here we must start to remember that we always have been a part of the Natural World.  We are no different than the birds singing to me right now through my window.  They are singing a celebration song to the rising sun, happy, joyous, free and filled with Love and Gratitude.  Do you celebrate the dawn of a new day so fully?  What about the spring blooms?  Do the flowers have an agenda, are they trying to conquer anything by rising up out of the ground and doing what comes Naturally?  No, they just do what is natural, growing towards the sun, blooming vibrant beautiful flowers that attract other collaborators within the web of life. They are a pure expression of Love.  They are in their Nature.

So, today on this seventh day, a number of spiritual significance, we look for our True Nature.  It is right here  all around us if we drop all constructs and allow the Truth to shine bright.  Our True Nature is that of Love and Kindness.  All else is an illusion created over time to keep us from seeing.  We created it with the collective consciousness, it is what it is and now it is crumbling.

When we embrace our True Nature, we can see it much more clearly.  I am Love and Kindness and I take total personal responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions. Anything that I experience or promote through action, thoughts and words that is other than Love and Kindness is part of the illusion.

How do you feel right now?  What kind of experience are you having?  How does your body feel?  Where is your mind and what is it doing?  Journal about these topics.  Explore.  Go deeper and deeper into your being, into your sub-consciousness and shine the illuminating light of consciousness into the shadow places.  What does Love and Kindness mean to you?  Write a mini-essay on this topic for yourself and only yourself.  Make some time today to explore this notion and see if it works for you.  Ask the question… What is my True Nature.  Strip away all the fear, greed, anger, hatred, self-doubt, competition… remove all obstacles from the path and search the depths of your being for the Truth.  How do you feel?

I have come to experience that my True Nature is that of Love and Kindness.  I have seen where I have come off that path and gone against Creation, against my True Nature and have recognized it to be the source of my pain and suffering in those times.  With a deep experience of gratitude, I humbly submit to my True Nature.

  • I am Love and Kindness
  • I feel Love and Kindness
  • I share Love and Kindness
  • I Love myself completely
  • I Love all that I am
  • I Love all Creation.

Check out this 2 part video.  Watch it several times if you are so inclined, there is much wisdom shared.  Find yourself, find your Nature.  Embrace the vibrations of the Universe… Love.

Blessings on your Journey…

Love and Kindness,


Part 1

Part 2

Day 8 – Forgive and Release

We are energy beings; vibrating at different frequencies we move through this experience aware or unaware of this fact. There are many scientific proofs of this, however certainly hasn’t been consider mainstream science. There are those out there in the world today who are living examples of this phenomena. They are the Heroes of the Now. They are the ones who are bringing consciousness to Humanity. We can look to these beings who have truly embraced a new reality that has been available for all time and see what is in store for the Human Race.

We, as a species, are evolving into something new, something so beautiful and creative as to propel a giant leap in the evolution of mankind. We are at this place, teetering it seems on the fulcrum, at the tipping point with all the mass of the past pressing us to that place where it all changes. This, I have seen in my Journeys. This, others have seen, as well in their own way. The messages are clear and the guidance is strong.

We are moving towards the Shift, consciously or not, the choice is Now. Becoming aware of our True Nature and how we dance to the rhythms of Universe is a step on the way to Higher Consciousness. We have done that. We can look around, stripped bare to the Light of this Body and see the Truth of the Natural World. We are that, Nature. Look past the objects created for our apparent need and see the True Nature of All that IS.

Creation, it is all around, one must only look beyond the illusion created by the ego and influenced by mass consciousness and societal boundaries, to see it. Reach out right now with your hands, close your eyes and interact with the energy of creation. Like water in your hands, flowing through open fingers… cup your hands and hold it for a moment. With each breath feel it expanding and contracting, pulsing in your hands it is the life force, creation energy that surrounds and permeates all.

Today, on our Journey, as we take total personal responsibility for all our thoughts, words and actions, cancel contracts, vows and agreements and break all spells and curses recognize that in this moment you are free. You are part of Creation and Creation itself… On this Journey we must learn to Forgive and release those places in our past that we have bound ourselves to. We must let it go, through a process of forgiveness and release that is very personal in nature. It is your process… Stop here for a moment and breathe. Cycle through a few breaths and allow this to sink in…

This is your experience and you make it yours by doing. Today, create your process to forgive and release. You will know it is working when you get lighter. When your energy begins to expand in all directions and you can feel it radiating from your heart, you will know.

My experience with this process is that it is deep and transformative and much healing has come from it. I have found places that I was still connected to energetically that anchored my now experience to an event, situation or timeline in the past. I was experiencing something that was being filtered and influenced by the past and I found that I was not fully present. In Soul Retrieval, we Journey to search for those places and bring them into balance with Love and Kindness, returning energy to us now so we can become whole again. We use our emotions to serve as coordinates, markers that lead the way to the original fracture, so as to heal and bring the energy back into wholeness, rather than act out our them out in negative and harmful ways.

What releases the bind is forgiveness and release.

So, today we forgive ourselves… Go deep into your meditation today and align with Creation. Connect to the vibration of the Universe, the frequency of Love and work with it. See yourself as One with Creation, be One… There is no other and forgive. Let it go, see the chunks breaking free and falling away crumbling into nothing and everything returning to Creator for recycling stuck energy fades away and is replaced by the energy of Creation in this Divine Union with Creator.

Make it yours, work it. We call it doing the work for a reason, but what joyful and rewarding work it is. Come into alignment now with Creator, breath in the life energy that surrounds you always and let it go… See all the times in your life experiences where you have gone against creation and allow those blockages to dissolve, as you work the energy of forgiveness and release.

Forgive you. Say it out loud… I forgive and release you, your name  . Go where the energy guides you,  see your connections to those past events dissolve and the energy returning to you in a golden white light.  See it return to you and fill the spaces left by the releasing energy.  See this exchange in your own way and work with it… Coach and encourage yourself during this process, as you have access to your Higher Consciousness and Guides.  Allow this process to work as you work with it. Allow the emotions to come into your awareness, connect to them only long enough to see what your need to see, then commence the forgiveness.  Ask Creator to show you the way, if you like.  Allow your True Nature to show you…  You know.

I am Love and Kindness… I feel Love and Kindness… I share Love and Kindness, I Love Myself completely, I Love all that I am, I Love all Creation…

I Forgive and Release myself from those times that I went against Creation…  I forgive and release myself completely.  I align to the Highest Good for all Creation.  I forgive myself…

See yourself standing tall in a golden radiating ball of golden white light and breathe…  See yourself whole and complete, One with all that surrounds you, One with all Creation… Creator.

Treat yourself well today… You deserve it.

Love and Kindness,


Day 9 – the Dance

Life is a dance.  There is rhythm and movement aligned to the energy of Creation. When we are clear and present, we are better able to ‘feel’ the beat; better able to align our movement to it.  In ballroom dance, the lead comes from the heart.  Proper frame places the heart in front of the head, symbolizing something very important, not to mention physically placing the organ out in front…  The hearts electromagnetic energy field is the largest of the human body, extending some several feet out in all directions.  When our hearts are full and vibrant, resonant to the rhythm of the Universe we lead with our authentic beings, just as in the dance.

There is much to be learned from Ballroom Dance.  The earliest known dances were “waltz-like” and the waltz itself came out of Vienna in the late 1600′s to early 1700′s.  The movement progressive and spiraling in nature reminds me of the fractals shown in the video.  More research to be done on Ballroom Dance and Fractals…  Any readers out there with insight, please comment.

Ballroom dancing brings about a connection to Creation energy like no other practice I have done before.  The dance inspires movement and rhythm, it creates energetic alignments in the body and brings one to their sovereignty, while in unity with another. Dance is an expression of Creation…

Today in your practice bring about an awareness to rhythm.  Connect to your heart.  Draw your shoulder blades back and down and feel your chest expand and allow your heart to lead.  Feel the vibrations of the Universe, pulsing through your heart.  Find the beat…

Life is the Dance.  We create our music when we connect to our heart.  We dance as we move through life experience with grace. Look at the Waltz or the Foxtrot and notice the grace with which the dancers move across the floor.

If we all were inspired to move with such grace through our life experiences, perhaps the world would be a different place…

Right now connect with the rhythm and begin your dance.  Share the Love that you are with grace as you progress through the dance, through life…

Celebrate and create Joy today.  Inspire with grace.  Share Love and Kindness. Move with purposeful intent, just as dancers do, Just as you do…

Do the work and discover yourself, discover that inner partner that balances the outer and Dance…

Love and Kindness and

Blessings on your Journey,


Day 10 – Presence

Blessings on your Journey…

As you begin to sense the energy around you, perhaps even interact with it as you will likely come to do, notice the presence that you carry.  It is much easier to navigate the waters around us if we can still them with our presence.  As we continue on this Journey, we begin to see what is all around us for what it really is.  Creation, intention and energy…

What is presence?  A quick look in the dictionary reveals:

EXISTENCE, being there.

ATTENDANCE, appearance, company, companionship.

AURA, charisma, poise, self-assurance, self-confidence.

Our presence at any moment, is the gift that we all have access to.  If we allow our EXISTENCE, ATTENDANCE and AURA to radiate we can fully tune in to all that is happening in our surroundings. We can move with confidence, assured that our actions are timed perfectly without preconceived notion of the way things should be.  When we come into our being and embrace the guidance our presence shares, then we can fully comprehend the magnitude of this discovery.

It can turn it all around.  Bring your presence to you now… Show up for yourself, attend this experience fully.  Stay in it and use all your senses to perceive the energy that flows around you.  Connect to it and feel it coursing through you.

Now is a good time to take a look at what is happening in your mind.  What are the thoughts or voices saying? If there are mental distractions, just see them and ask them to step back for now… Bookmark them as coordinates for later exploration and Soul Recovery.  For now, remain present and and look around you… What is in your surroundings? Name them off… Closet, monitor, keyboard, music, cd hard drive, computer, desk, chair…  This simple exercise can bring you quickly to your presence.

Sit up and attend.  Feel your Soul energy rise up in your spine, lengthening and exposing your heart.  Allow your aura to shine and feel it extend beyond your physical body.  Presence.  From this place one can act authentically and with higher consciousness.  Listen with more than your ears, see with more than your eyes, feel with more than your skin, smell with your entire body, taste beyond imagination… Bring about your entire being and receive what your presence brings to you.

Feel you Authentic Self expanding and filling you up, overflowing with radiance you carry the frequency of Love from this place.  It fills the space around you with an electromagnetic field that tunes your surroundings to the vibration of Love.  All that comes into contact with it is affected and will begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

Today, share your Presence with the Universe.  Show up for yourself and all those around you, share the Love that you are, by carrying presence everywhere you are… eating, sleeping, working or playing Be Present.  It is your gift to Humankind.

Share the Love,


Day 11 – Inner Child

Blessings on your Journey, Brothers and Sisters.  Your conscious choosing of this path is no accident.  You are remembering.  You are beginning to see and call to question a great many things around you.  This is the natural thing.  Vibrations are rising and we are all feeling it.  There is nothing to do, but let go…  The old ways are crumbling off of you, the tower is falling.  There is no need for great heights or large domains.  It is only necessary to be present and in your Authentic Being.  This is where it all happens, the energy that manifests our reality is zero point.  Aligned to it, everything structures to the vibration of original creation… Love.

Today, on our Journey to Remembering we reach out for the hand of our inner child.  Call out and find the child in you.  He or she is there, in the shadows, wondering if it is ok to come out.  The child knows.  Just look at the next infant you see, look into their eyes from your Authentic place and you will see.  They know, the veil non-existent for most of them, non-ordinary reality is what they perceive until social conditionings start to take hold.

Find your inner child, the one who saw all the fantastic things that non-ordinary reality shows us.  They have been with us this whole time, in the shadows, mine was… very much afraid to come out to play.  I stifled him after I was trained to push his ideas aside.  Hopes and dreams squashed by the oppression of someone else’s views.  Well, no more!  I have found and healed my inner child.  He sits next to me now always, peacefully rocking in his chair…  this links to the Journey related to my childhood chair.

He shows me that all is wondrous and he is very creative.  I listen to him and together we create.  I allow him to be with me and he rounds out my being.  He brings me to wholeness.  He is helping me to remember…

So, in your practice today, shine the light of your Love and Authentic Energy so bright as to bring your inner child out of the shadows.  Bring your vibration up, raising the frequency into higher light energy, closing yours eyes see this light bright and strong and watch as your inner child walks into it.  Do the work and your child will return.

Forgive and release all the times you went against Creation.  Take total personal responsibility for all thoughts, words and actions created in any lifetime or reality.  Cancel all contracts, vows and agreements that went against your highest good made in any lifetime or reality.  Free yourself and see yourself standing there radiating the light.  That is you.  That is your light, the light.  Stand tall in your presence and tell your child within that all is good, that you are older and wiser now and that you are better able to stand in Truth.  It is safe for them to return.  Tell them they are welcome and you will release all the past energies to create space for them to return.  Ask them to come home…

Welcome Home…

Take your practice deeper today, and in that depth find you the child within you.  Bring them home and start to rebuild your relationship.  Allow some creative expression to come to the surface and you may be inclined to write, sing, dance, hike… something you haven’t done fully since you were a child. Go to the park, a playground, sit by a lakeshore, swim… Do something, fully present and aware, that you did as a child.  Get some crayons and construction paper…  Stay in your light and draw out your child… Bring them into the light of your awareness and into your presence… Reconnect and remember, they have much wisdom to share.

Enjoy the video and have a great day…

Bob Sinclar, World Hold On…

Love and Kindness,


Day 12 – Discernment and Highest Good

Blessings on your Journey, Brothers and Sisters!

You walk the path of Universal Knowledge and your energy is strong. You have come to a place of knowing of your Authentic Self during this Journey. You have greater access to your Higher Consciousness and this provides you with information from those higher sources of knowledge. As we continue developing our higher awareness, many insights about ourselves begin to reveal. We can see how our energy responds to situations and interactions around us. We are listening for the guidance from the Higher Consciousness and must learn to discern what supports the Highest Good for all Creation; doing what is in your highest good is supporting the highest good for all.

So, today let’s begin again with total personal responsibility, canceling contracts, etc and breaking spells and curses. Continue with forgiveness and release and call back your power to return to you and reunite with your Soul Essence. This is the foundation, stand tall on this foundation and expand your light, radiating bright. Share Love with yourself…

I am Love and Kindness,
I feel Love and Kindness,
I share Love and Kindness,
I Love myself completely,
I Love all that I am… I Love all Creation.

Feel your roots, deep into our Mother… expanding and networking deep into the Earth’s core. Release into the Mother and accept all that she has to offer, allow the abundance that springs forth naturally to be received by you. Forgive and release all the past and step fully and completely, alive, vibrating and free into this Now moment. Breathe…

Continue to develop a relationship with your Higher Self. Listen to what you have to say and more importantly, how you say it… What is the truth and how do I discern the Truth? Ask yourself these questions. What does the physical interface into the energy worlds tell me about my current moment? Is my body tense or relaxed? Awake or drowsy? Hot or cold? Guts churning or calm? Muscles twitching or prickly sensations? Come to know yourself… Higher consciousness communicates in many ways and is very personal in nature. You will be the one who knows

What brings you Joy? What brings you Bliss and Peace… Tranquility? What brings the abundance and how do you allow it to flow naturally into your life? When do you feel the most connected to your Higher Self? What activities have you done in the past that brings your closer to All that Is? What have you always wanted to do, but never felt you could? What are your dreams?

Bring yourself into relationship with yourself… How would you cultivate a new friendship in the external world? It is no different, you need to learn about yourself and as you do, you will naturally begin to develop tools of discernment that work for you. Discernment is the ability to see the truth and your higher self, guides and helpers are all there to assist us in this. We are all aware that there is a tremendous amount of disinformation available to us at this time, so it is imperative to our development to cultivate discernment. As the light grows strong, throughout all times it has been shown that there are those out there that wish to possess it for themselves under the context of some fear-based reality. To plug us in, so as to feed a mass consciousness that is self-perpetuating and promotes denser vibrations. I have seen this to be other than for the highest good of all Creation and continue to cultivate my relationship to my higher consciousness.

My Soul knows! This has been shown to me time and time again through synchronicity, signs and visions along the way. When I look back into the past, I see that they were always there… I was just to heavy and connected to a mass consciousness to be able to see them. It has only been since reclaiming my freedom from these systems and programming that I am more consistently able to see and hear everything that my Soul wants me to see. I continue to develop that relationship always and as it deepens I am brought to places of greater knowledge and understanding.

Follow your energy today… Come out of your meditations this morning, clean and clear, with your Authentic Self shining bright. Feel your aliveness and vigor and create a touchstone or benchmark. Note the sensations, the thoughts, the awareness, the entirety of your being-ness right now. Write it down, draw a picture, record your voice, write a series of reminders to yourself that you can access if this feeling slips… Listen to your Soul and create what it tells you. Ask yourself how to remember what to do when the energy drops and you are pressed to do something other than your highest good,… YOU know.


Life experience is Joy and Bliss and Creation! We are magnificent beings of Light and Love and are here to express that through the medium that is before us. When you find yourself in a situation where you sense there is a choice to make for your highest good, listen to yourself, connect to your Higher Consciousness and breathe… The answer will come to you, trust in you as you will know.

Then proceed, with Love and Kindness, knowing that your actions are for the highest good for all Creation, you are free…

What a beautiful day…

Love and Kindness,

Day 13 – I am…

Blessings on your Journey Brothers and Sisters…

These two very powerful words, speak volumes of oneself when used. Much of the times, I have experienced an unconscious relationship to them and have worked quite a lot with understanding their power. Realize, right now that when you speak these two words with something following great discoveries can be made. Think about it for a minute.

Write I am at the top of a blank page, a tabula rasa, before you begin today.

Today, we are nearing the end of the 2 week Journey to Remembering. It is a day of introspection and reflection. We take total personal responsibility for all of our thoughts, words and actions in all lifetimes, dimensions and realities. We cancel contracts, vows and agreements made against our highest good in all lifetimes, dimensions and realities. We forgive and release the past, so as to have better access to the moment right before us. We stand as Sovereign Beings, in Light and Love. In our clarity, we feel the rhythm of the Universe and our life experience is a Dance. We carry our presence with us always. Our helper spirits guides and teachers are ever present and we nourish our inner child. We are aligned to our highest good and cultivate tools of discernment to assist us in this endeavor. We are free…

In your meditation today, go deeper than ever before. Take your journal with you; observe and reflect.

Ask the question, Who am I? Why am I here? Then begin…

Receive the flow of information from your higher consciousness, tune in to the frequency of your higher self. Purify your mind and body, as an unkempt temple is a difficult place to worship. You are the One. It is all you and only you… Who are you and Why are you here? Can you tell me? Can you tell yourself? Listen and receive. The answers borne on the wings of angels come to those ready to receive. Cleanse the temple and awaken the spirit within. See your body, mind and spirit as one, manifest on this Earth Plane to do… What?

Now is the moment to see the Truth. Now is when you can see it. Open your closed eyes and see the ethers of reality swirling all around you, feel the energy within and surrounding your body. There is so much more to life than meets our two eyes, so we must open the third eye to truly see. Allow yourself to see.

See the Light within you… Breathe your consciousness throughout the Universe, expand and build that light bright and full illuminating the temple with a golden-white light. Meet the Original Creator… Go past all representations of God until you meet that being that manifested All that Is. The essence of the Universe resides in your temple, Brothers and Sisters! You share Oneness with Creator…

Write on your tabula rasa all the words, thoughts and actions that you associate with I am…Allow the free flow to occur, the stream coming rapidly at first, writing quickly to keep up and as the page fills the waters become calm, still and reflective. Allow a few more moments to see if there is any more, then relax and center again.

Look at your list… Circle the things that are part of your everyday practice and acknowledge your way. If there are entries that are other than aligned with your present reality, ask why. Then proceed to honor yourself by allowing your intentions to change what needs to change. When you look at your I am list, allow yourself to be you.

Recognize that limiting statements proceeding an I am statement are a message to the Universe of your intention. Look in these areas to determine additional healing that may need to occur and start by changing your perspective to more expansive views. These are powerful intention setting words and plant seeds that take root and manifest into reality over linear time. We can work with these energies to truly transform our beings and become something completely different if we like. We can change… We can remember.

What did your list include? How do you express it? Please leave a comment or add the Facebook page and participate in a global discussion. Show the Universe who you are and light the way for others… You are a Hero of the Now, bringing consciousness to humanity. Thank you…

Love and Kindness,

Day 14 – Remember…

Blessings on your Journey, Dear Brothers and Sisters…

It is Saturday morning as I write this and the birds are singing their Songs of Gratitude to the risen sun. The breeze is blowing and the air pure. Today marks a milestone, 14 days have past and your diligent efforts have given you a unique experience. You have begun to live differently perhaps perceiving things you have not seen before. The experience is undeniably yours though. You had it and you get to integrate it. What does it all mean to you? This is what is important.

As you incorporate total personal responsibility into your life, much will change if you allow it. Now as you move through experience your being has accepted this responsibility and begins to guide you in your choices, helping to align you to the highest good and the rhythm of the Universe. One can truly begin to see how thoughts, words and actions affect their reality.

We are beings of LIght and the Universal vibration is resonant to Love. Science is showing this to be true, but what do we know in our hearts? This is what matters. What do you want to be on the planet today? What vibrations do you wish to carry with you? When we look around it is plain to see that the old ways aren’t working anymore. Something must, and is shifting and we can participate. We can be Love…

Today, on this day that marks the beginning of something new for you, what will you do? How will you express your Authentic Self? How will you share yourself with all Creation? These are questions only you can answer. You have met your inner child and reconnected, your spirit guides and helpers are all around you… where do you go from here?

Because it is really all about you! If you commit to a path of self-mastery… to knowing yourself and carrying as high a vibration as you can, there is a resonance affect on everything around you. If you carry Light and Love in all situations, all interactions with yourself and others your reality will be such a beautiful and wondrous place. You hold the key… Bringing yourself to a greater wholeness, allows a peace and tranquility to unfold in the space around you and all things are affected. For a moment, contemplate what it all means… Consider it and write your experience on paper.

If you do the work, your life experience will change. Your relationship to yourself will become such a joyous experience, knowing you are a being of Love. No more fear or lack and all the other emotions that precipitate from that energy. Remove the denser, lower vibrations from your life and you will soar, alive and free you will more freely participate in the miraculous experience that is available to you. And it will make a difference in the world today.

Your frequency of Love will shine bright in you and your family, friends and relationships, your job, your community all will feel your Love. The healing power of your Love is the way. Share your gift, unconditionally share Love with all Creation and see the difference it makes. Allow the healing to occur, allow others to be… but flood your environment with Love and soon you will see that your entire experience is perfect. You are in the perfect place at the perfect time, standing in the Truth of Being. Love.

Carry these insights with you and work with them every aware moment… These moments will begin to string together creating the sequence of events that one day in your Journeys you will look back on and say, that was the defining moment. That is the day that it all shifted. That is the day that I saw who I truly was and what I am here to do.

Take this day for you and share Love. Start slow and easy, with yourself. Do the mediation’s, mantras and writing. Find your center. Deeply connect to Creator and ground into Mother Earth. Set your intentions to carry a Loving vibration today and always.

Move into the day as your Higher Consciousness guides. The last suggestion on this Journey is two-fold. Whatever you do today, you will be sharing Love with all Creation. Every interaction you have, ask what would Love do? If you have other than Love come up during the day, guess what… Love that, too and ask it what it needs to heal, forgive and release, call your power back and move on. Don’t dwell too long on any one situation or experience if the energy recedes. With Love and Kindness move on. Do what brings you Joy and the Love will flow naturally. Share the day with you and Creation and Love it all, unconditionally.

This evening when you are settling in for the night, allow for some quiet, introspective time and journal your experience today. Summarize your experience for yourself. Write yourself a letter from your Higher Consciousness. And really do it. Address it, stamp it and give the letter to a friend or family member with the instructions to mail it in a month.

Continue to practice, continue the work and share Love. Stay with the experiences that bring energy and vitality to you and remember. You will know. Become one of the Heroes of the Now, sharing consciousness with Humanity. Together we can be the change we want to see in the world and that makes all the difference.

Thank You.

Love and Kindness,

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