Heroes of the Now | Excerpt 2 – The Breakthrough Letter

Dear Friend,

I am free!  I have walked through the fire and emerged from the ashes reborn with new body, mind and spirit.  I am a child, with the wisdom of lifetimes, again I say, I am free!  The Journey has been remarkable and arduous, however I focus much attention on my presence now. It is here that it all happens, right now and I embrace it all with my full attention.
I am right here, right now in this moment of Creation, the spark of the Divine is with me in my heart. Flowing through chambered beats pulse the rhythm of the Universe, my guide on this Journey.  I have found the flow and am a breath in the wind, expanding widely the view is provoking.  This awareness right now flows into my fingers as I type, the ethers of reality an expansive place of immense opportunity.

I have aligned to Creation and see myself in all things.  I am the leaf beside the bloom, the granite in the rough, the stillness of cool waters and the hurricane as well as the eye.  There is no other, I see that clearly now.  There is the Creator of all things and I am that.  Dwell on that dear friend!  Wow!

I am well these days.  The experience has reformed my entire way of life.  I am more relaxed, calm and serene in my peace.  I have come to a deep knowing that all is as it is supposed to be, that I am having the experiences I am supposed to and that most of them I am creating as if from a dream.  I am manifesting, or creating my reality with greater awareness and am seeing results.

The letting go was difficult at times, but I wanted it. I asked for it and I am receiving.  I went through my life, past lives at times, and healed.  I did so at such a deep level as to change the very fabric of reality.  The old ways becoming a distant point in time, transitioning completely I am navigating new waters as I let go of what I seemed to be and now allow what I am to shine.

As I come deeper into my being with every new moment there is an opportunity to heal myself or others.  The depth of understanding that can be reached is infinite I have seen and continue to practice letting go.  Honestly, that was the key. Letting it all go, there were so many blockages and so much baggage that had to go before I was truly able to see.

Did I mention the view? Inspiring.

So, it turns out, I am a Shaman. How I got to this knowledge is an interesting story and would make a good book. I will write one. But what does that mean?  Well, here goes…

Our entire reality, much of which we can’t even see, is made up of energy.  Put simply, I interact with that energy.  I see it, feel it and can journey through it to the other realms of existence that most have been unaware even existed.  These places are available to our energetic forms and are used regularly by them whether we know it to be true or not. These subtle energies are now being scientifically shown to have an effect on the body.  Yes, I agree. I have experienced the effects of Shamanic healing.

I have healed many ailments that have challenged me in my life.  Physical and emotional all have been healed with Shamanic Practices.  I have come to know the vibration of the Universe is Love.  I have come to see that God is everywhere! And when I removed the notion that God was something, a being of some sort, the expansion came and I understood.  The reference is to the entire spectrum of energetic possibility. The entirety of the Universe and beyond that to infinity and again beyond until I arrived at Creator. Of All that Is. The original energy and that is what is all around us. It permeates our very existence.

We are One, all One; the sum parts of the whole that make up One, I am that part.  In my knowing of this Truth, I see things in a new way.  The animals speak and the trees breathe, the Stone People have much wisdom and all is revealed when seeking the Truth.  My practice allows me to be present in this space and Journey to other dimensions of reality that were previously inaccessible, but very much real and all around me.  I still my being and drift in the currents with Love and Kindness radiating, my heart a beacon of light, I listen intently.

Sometimes it comes in flashes of colors, others as vivid as an IMAX movie but come it does, the visions.  I have met my guides and teachers; we have shared the smoke and prayed together.  My Journeys have taken me to many places, previously buried deep within my psyche or sub-conscious mind.  As my practice developed, I used these Journeys and the practice of Soul Retrieval, to heal.  In the stillness, listening I could hear my Soul cry out. Illuminating the way, a memory with a visceral reaction, closing down when meeting someone new or a myriad of other signs that pointed me to a place that needed healing.

My journeys would take me back to those situations and I could reclaim power that I had lost, fractured from my original energy it remained stuck in a dimensional vortex fated to be held captive to those fears associated with the original experience.  Once returned, this power energetically pushed out old behaviors and patterns that were keeping me from seeing the Truth.  And so I healed.  I healed deeply and in that healing something wonderful happened.  I found that I am to help others in their healing and it happened just like that. One day just working on me, and often needing assistance to the next working on others.  Working with them, really, merely assisting or boosting their own efforts.

I continued to heal and now am helping others heal and I have gotten clearer and stronger.  I have been working with other Shaman and the effects are remarkable.  The light that radiates from someone after a healing session is so tangible that I should take photos and with permission post the before and after pictures on my to-be-created website.  This works!

Sometimes it may sound strange, battling demons and entities, moving mountains of energy and bringing back Soul energy from across the veil, but it is what I do.  I am a healer, a medicine keeper and Shaman.  My life is filled with purpose, I see Creator in everything and I am that.  The darkness in my life served its purpose and it no longer haunts me now.  I have healed the past with Soul Retrieval and am living an abundant and healthy life filled with Love and Kindness.

I am moving forward now, fully letting go of the past so as to be fully present now.  Unfettered by old energies I am better able to move fluidly through ever-changing currents of energy and matter mixing and turning into reality before my very eyes.  In renouncing the old ways, my Soul is communicating the way things are to be and I can hear.

I remain present and aware, propitious moments avail themselves and unburdened I can move to my Soul’s purpose quickly and effectively.  There is only now, this present moment.  It is all we can be sure of and all that is before us at any time.  In focusing all of my awareness here, the colors are more vibrant, the information more clear, and the action more tangible.  Being here now allows for conscious interaction within all the energy of the universe and allows me to act from a Higher Consciousness.  This is really good, as there is less likely to be poor decisions, which like in the past, traumatized and fractured the Soul.  This is the best preventative medicine out there I think, as most physical illness is rooted in subtle energies of some sort.

So, my dear friend I made it through and am on the other side.  Through the eye of the needle it seems, but necessary to strip bare the being that I had created this lifetime in false image.  New born I walk this path, still sensitive to those frequencies of the past, but more resistant to them as the days go on and more of those aligned to the Truth show up in my life.

And in my presence I share Love and Kindness, my Authentic Self is bare for all to see.  I am aligned to my Higher Consciousness and tuned to the vibrations of the Universe.  I flow in the energy of Creation.  In this place my thoughts, words and actions, which I take total personal responsibility for, are in alignment with the highest good and I pledge to use this knowledge wisely.

Dear Friend, can you see me?  I see you  and I Love you unconditionally and as my brother or sister we walk the path together, as One.

Love and Kindness,

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