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Love, Energy, Yoga and Shamanism

There comes a tipping point when all that has come before is recognized as Love.  When the past stories of war and peace, of victories and losses, of the life once lived all meld into a space of inner peace; of knowing beyond any doubt that everything that has come before has prepared you for this.  There comes a time when you will realize it is all Love and that the battlefield was merely a proving grounds for this life lesson.  The battle ceases when you come to your inner peace… when you stop judging yourself and others…  This is the modern Hero’s Journey and It all shifts when you surrender into you.

Love, Energy, Yoga & Shamanism

Love is the answer to every question asked…

What is Love?  Societal training dictates for most the notion of Love, pointing us in the wrong direction usually; it did for me.  Love is far more expansive than I was ever taught by parents, family, friends, school, society… Life.  I was in error, gravely in error and over time, it snuffed out my inner light and prevented me from seeing the the ever-present truth.  Love is everywhere.  It is in this computer, the keyboard, the screen, the ethernet, the wireless connection, it is on the web, it is in the bed I sit on as I write, the song I am listening too, the breeze the fan above me is blowing…  Love is the Light of these beautiful children around me, it is the expression of joy in a smile or the deep frown of an unsettled soul.  Love is… It is the breath of life and the existential passing of the body into formless form.  Love provides and Love opens doors, it gives us wings to fly and can take us to our deepest dives into darkness… it is all LOVE.

Everything, All that Is, springs forth from the never-ending Source of All Creation… Some call it Tao, Prana, Chi, Universal Energy, Life, Divine Consciousness, God, Source, Creator, One… Love.  When we dissolve into this knowing it all shifts.  We begin to see differently and experience the world around us in a new way.  We are able to resolve inner-conflicts and replace them with compassion.  We are open to life in a different way…  We become life itself, moving effortlessly with the currents of Love to our highest purpose, knowing now that each breath we take fills us and fuels our actions, imbuing us with the Divinity that surrounds us always.

We were misled, my friends, along the way… Taught and conditioned to think another way.  Trained through experience of misguided intentions to discount the Source of our Inspiration and rely on the intellect or mind.  We have become a society of material experience, based on unholy desires, want and greed.  Our bodies and its senses have taken over and it has resulted in much despair, trauma, suffering and an over-all discounting of why we are here.  Are we truly to compete with our fellow beings?  To Rule Over? Or be fed, clothed and sheltered while others are in the streets?  Is there really not enough to go around or so little that a few must hoard all of the resources while the many must struggle, perceivably not being able to enjoy life.  Are we really here to be this way?  

When we look to into nature, we are provided a glimpse of the essence of Love.  There is a natural order to things that is undeniable.  There is no striving to be other than what is to be.  The oak doesn’t judge the rose, nor does the rose try to be the lotus.  A bird will sing its song of joy to the cosmos out of sheer pleasure and gratitude, rather than for a recording contract.  And the hunter respects the hunted, only taking what is needed for sustenance and no more.  There is no greed in the natural world, only Love…

Never doubt, even for a second, that the very essence of life itself flows freely as a vibration all around us, always. Have faith that this Vibrational Reality exists in perpetuity and is the Source of All Creation. Consciously tuned to this frequency our bodies and minds melt into One with Spirit. Thoughts, words and actions now align to Life Purpose, our reason for being and the Universe responds in kind… Yoga provides an access point and it begins Now.  Marc Titus

Love, energy medicine, yoga and shamanism

We are made of energy… Spiritual beings in human form.

Energy is the very makings of our material world.  Science has shown us this and proven that the world we perceive is far more than we have allowed ourselves to see and yet it is there… constantly and consistently.  Love?  Energy; expansive, invisible, powerful, creative, healing and ethereal, yet palpable to those trained to see and feel it.  Energy knows not borders or boundaries, nor withholds its inspiration, for it just is.  Like the air that we breathe, it is here, now for all to experience.  Energy is indiscriminate affecting all life with its natural essence.  It is present and available; the Creative force of the Universe.  It is the space between the notes in the songs to which we dance.  It is the light on the fringes of the leaves on the tree, seen only when we soften our gaze and look beyond what the eyes have been trained to see.  And it is what the sages of old speak to when attempting to describe the indescribable.

We are made up of… created with energy.  We are energy beings in a vibrational reality, perfectly tuned to the Source of all that Is.  Love.  Energy can be used to heal just as easily as it can be used to harm.  It can be balanced no differently than it can be imbalanced.  Energy, a vibration itself, can and is entrainable… the essence of life itself, it takes on the shape and vibration of that which interacts with it.  Like, water in the teapot…

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.  Bruce Lee

Energy is a new frontier for most, often being cast aside with doubt, as a result of skepticism and lack of direct experience of the vibrational nature of our experience.  However, it is very real and accessible to all!  We are energy beings living in a vibrational reality, whether we recognize it or not.  Energy, like the Honey-Badger, doesn’t care… it merely responds to the cues and forms up matter, experience and reality based on the dominant vibration.  Energy, alive with possibility and available to all, provides an opportunity for true healing of all the ills of the body and mind.  Energy medicine is being proven effective in curing… actually healing ALL manifestations of illness in all beings and ultimately will heal the destructive and unhealthy global consciousness that dominates our current vibrational experience.

But how you ask…

We must rest easy in the knowing of this new experience… and yes, I understand that it is new!  There comes a letting go of the old that makes way for the new.  We must shed the thought processes and patterns, the training and programming, the cultural, societal and familial norms that do not serve this new way of being and actually impede the flow of energy through us.  We must cleanse the mind and retrain our thoughts to support an interaction with energy that assists us rather than harms us.  We must come to a place of allowing energy to work its miracles and we must still the mind of errant and erroneous thoughts to allow these miracles to occur.

But it is hard to believe… to change… to let go… to allow… to release… to relax… to be.

Trust me, I know!  But, it is possible and well worth the effort.  There is a new experience available and with your conscious acknowledgement of new possibilities, you are well on your way.  You are in the drivers seat and this is your life… your experience and you can make it whatever you want.  You can be what you came here to be and live your life purpose and dharma if you so choose!

Yoga and Shamanism are access points, both energetic practices that awaken the spirit and provide direct personal experience of the energy that is all around us.  Yoga and Shamanism are rooted in Love and train us to feel.  Yoga and Shamanism, ultimately are the same; Shamanism being the oldest known form of Spirituality (or the knowing of Spirit, or energy) going back some 25,000 years and Yoga, some 5000 years old, is a scientific system of God-realization and rooted in energy.  These tools or practices can help us to see these new possibilities, not because we read about them in a book or watch as some scientist tells us about them on TV, rather we experience things differently when we apply the principles and teachings.  We become something different, often over-coming the old ways of struggle and strife, stepping into a knowing of Love and compassion like never before.

Love is Energy

Love is Energy…

This is our Hero’s Journey back to Love…  We came into the world knowing and the world changed us.  We began to believe what we were taught to see and eventually we forgot the truth.  Now, it is time to remember, my friends…  Love is all there is;  Energy is all there is… and the Divine is our pathway back.  The light at the end of the tunnel is us my friends, as we are the ones we have been waiting for.  As we return to our roots and remember our heritage, we all will come to know…

You are Love and you can make a difference in the world today.  You are Love and you can heal yourself and others.  You are Love and the planet needs you…  You are Love and this knowing will shift the very fabric of reality and uplift all around you, like a candle you will bring light where there is darkness and the world will be a better place… because you remembered and steadfast to that knowing you stayed the course and lit up the world around you.  Thank you…

you are loved by love itself.

Aho!  Mitakuye Oyasin.

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