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Marc Titus the Modern Yogi

the Modern Yogi in Sedona, AZ

Marc’s yoga classes, workshops, retreats and clinics will take you on an inspirational, uplifting and creative journey to discovering through yoga asana (yoga postures), movement, breath and meditation a connection to Source energy. You will feel the vibration of energy flowing through your being as Life Force or Life Purpose and by strengthening your perception of this Universal Truth, you begin to create a different reality.  Your reason for being is slowly freed from the trappings of unconscious experience and you begin to flow through your life experience in harmony with your highest potential in every moment.  Step onto your mat with Marc Titus, a modern yogi, and allow his guidance to awaken your spirit, quiet your mind and strengthen your body.  Call Now and we can customize your Sedona Transformation Experience.  928.451.6337.  Namaste.

Modern Yogi Coaching is also available here.

Private Yoga

Private yoga classes allow you to build your personal practice and discover where yoga can and will take you. Marc’s empathic style and depth of experience, along with a relaxed and grounded presence allows for deeper, more intuitive exploration of the yoga asanas (yoga postures). Ideal for first-timers, not sure of what it will be like “in there” or who think Yoga requires you to bend like Gumby.  Marc’s sessions will help you develop greater consciousness, strength, de-stress the body and mind or alleviate health issues; all will come with a consistent practice. Whatever your goal, private yoga classes will help you build a path to health, wealth, vitality and true happiness…

Group Yoga

Marc’s empathic, intuitive teaching style, along with his shamanic training in spirituality, provide a group yoga class that is challenging, yet rewarding.  Each group is different, as Marc reads the energy and dynamic of the class and presents a series of postures conducive to an engaging, deeply reflective session.  Yoga classes are 75-90 minutes and cover a full range of sitting, standing, balance, forward and back bends, twists, hip openers and sun salutations.

Corporate Yoga

A group yoga class held at your Organization.  A wonderful addition to existing health and wellness programs, Marc will come to your place of business for 60 or 90 minute yoga classes focussed at alleviating common workplace injuries through physical fitness and consciousness building.  Boost employee happiness, reduce workplace stress or violence and bring a peaceful and productive vibration to the office.  The benefits of this yoga program go far beyond the traditional health and wellness programs.

Virtual Yoga

Can’t make a class on location?  That’s ok…  Grab your laptop and start up Skype and we can create a personal yoga practice in the comfort of your home or office.  Skype yoga classes are 60 minutes and focus on breath, yoga postures, guided meditation and visualization, creating a lasting effect to carry into your day.  Perfect for that quick energetic “touch up” before a big meeting, interview, or other challenging life experience.


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