Spiritual Vacation

Yoga & Meditation for the Modern Hero's Journey

Repost from the Buffalo Diaries (1/31/11)

This Soul Journey to Consciousness has been remarkable in many ways and if you have followed the Buffalo Diaries from the beginning you know this. Perhaps you have been moved to begin your own inquiry into Consciousness and begun to uncover greater and greater Truths about yourself. This is what its all about… You… Me, we are at the center of the experience. It is up tous to make the difference. I have come to see that in such a perfect clarity, as to know it beyond any manifestation of the mind; before any illusory experience of UnTruth my reality has become the Path to Consciousness. Everyexperience provides the meditation to reflect upon where I am on this Journey. Where I reside at any moment, depends on my practice and mindfulness to the conditions present and myresponse to them.

This is the way…

I have elucidated much in my writings about the way things were. A release of sorts and cathartic it has been, leading me Now to more insight and understanding. Spirit is everywhere, All that Is and our connection with it guaranteed. We are not only a part of it, but the entirety as well. It is everything, everywhere and at all times. Do you see it? No worries if you don’t… I know what that feels like. But, there is more to this Life Experience than meets the eye! Literally, it is true, however, for now focus on what is going on in your world now. Begin to accept it with neutrality and something will shift. Like it or not, your world is what it is right now. What are you going to do? Do you come to Yoga, or the seeking of unity into the One and ultimately Self-Realization, as Patanjali suggests in the first verse of the Yoga Sutras?

If someone told you there could be relief from whatever you may be experiencing as suffering, would you believe them? I think so, I know I did, but where I balked is when they told me the answer was within… What? No way, I would say… Or perhaps, I would give it a try for a few days or weeks only to re-succumb to the vagaries of my Life. But, eventually those old ways stopped working and something within me rose up so strongly as to create the energy to, for a moment, rise up above the clouds and See. I caught a glimpse, more than a few times, and finally I asked for something more… Who am I? Who is experiencing this experience? So it went for me and your experience is yours… No two will ever be exactly the same, even though we are all part of the One energy Source that is All.


What is it then, that must be overcome, since we are all connected to Source, yet for the most part, humanity seems to be stuck in some illusory experience that disparages the Spirit andLove that permeates our experience. Something has kept the vast majority of the population from seeing the experience as it Is. I understand now that my Life experiences were preparatory, as Patanjali describes, since went this route in order for me to see for myself that something needed to change. Finally, I listened and as with everything, if we let it, Spiritguided me to Yoga. The introductory Sutras describe it perfectly, suggesting that after all my thoughts, words and actions I have ever created (sound familiar) to this point in my life and any other preparatory practices, Now, I am finally ready to pursue the depths of self-exploration and to Journey to the center of Consciousness or Self-Realization, the Highest Goal of Yoga.

The way to do this is the inward path, now I recognize that external circumstances are constantly changing and have nothing to do with the true and pure happiness that a Spiritual Life has given me. I have dismantled and continue to do so, the enormous systems of thought, entangled in action that created matters in my life. Meditating deeply on total personal responsibility caused me to look at my experience and ask why I was doing, thinking or speaking in the ways that I was. And Yoga Postures, or Asana was where I started. Coming full circle, I see the entirety of the experience and I am grateful. I have and continue to see what I need to Now to move towards a more balanced life. Now is when I come to the mat to practice Asana and Yoga occurs.

From the first Sutras, we are given the clues to begin the Journey. It suggests that, Now, after preparatory life experience, we begin the Practice of Yoga. It continues to say that Yoga is the quieting, stilling, integration, regulation, setting aside, coordination, or mastery of the thoughts of the mind. When this occurs, the Seer abides in Itself, resting in its own True Nature and becomes Self-Realized, otherwise the Seer appears to take on the identity of those thought forms that cloud our True Identity.

Sound familiar? This is the Journey, my friends and it is work, the mind and ego always there, until it isn’t anymore, to tempt us off the path. Consciousness is a rewarding life path that ultimately leads to complete freedom and experience of the Loving Timeline, where Spirit and reality are One. Often, Deva and I refer to it as the Garden in Heaven on Earth and from this analogy something becomes clear. Gardens require tending, do they not? One must prepare the soil, nurture the environment, plant seeds and protect new growth from harm. Constant vigilance is required, lest the garden become over-run with weeds or vermin and threaten the growth. We must keep it clean and pure, always watching over the new crops until they become established, but it doesn’t end there, always something could threaten the harvest if a watchful eye and vigorous action is not taken. After the harvest, does the gardener just stop? No… it all begins again, doesn’t it, a continuous cycle, our Spiritual growth is, and if we want it to perpetuate we must be alive to the cycle of the seasons and the vagaries of existence, ever-present to our total personal responsibility over our thoughts, words and actions.

Sometimes the Journey becomes challenging and requires great personal resolve, or will-power to continue, the personal battles waged for consciousness taking their toll. This is precisely the time to build one’s Faith in Spirit, to go deeper into the Journey and find it, the Light Within and Realize Self as Source, as this is where the Freedom we are all searching for resides. This is the time to recognize what the Practice is doing for you and move closer to it. Knowing that Freedom is experienced when the mind is still brings comfort when one hasFaith in the Practice. Be ever aware of the mind’s projections, as they can be powerful at this stage of challenge, oft bringing one further away from the truth in identification with old patterns or egoic attempts at getting you back. There is no vacation from this work if one truly wants Enlightenment.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, or from Latin vacatio(n-), from vacare ‘be unoccupied’ (see vacate ).

To be “unoccupied” is the antithesis of what is required for Spiritual growth. So, the next time you need a vacation, embrace Spirit, make it your focus and occupy your time with your practice and being Loveknowing this is what brings relief. Remember, as Patanjali describes, when one is other than in self-realization, the Seer appears to take on the form of thought patterns in the mind. Is your mind still? Are you happy, joyous and free? Are you at Peace?

Perhaps it is time for some Yoga…

the Buffalo Diaries

The rain, cleansing and pure, springs forth from the very breath I breathe… From my pores it comes out of Self-Love and washes away the ills of the world. Purity is restored and the birds sing the Joyous song of rebirth and awakening as the clouds part and reveal the shining light of Me. MAT


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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