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What is your Story?


Yoga begins Now… The coming into a conscious state where we know God as the ever-present divine energy that surrounds and supports our very existence happens right now.  Many times I have been asked how can Yoga help me? and I respond that it is provides an access point to the divine.  The modern experience today is rife with conditions and challenges that bombard our mind, body and Spirit, often resulting in anxiety, depression, worry, fear, judgement, etc.  It is true and better admitted that this is happening, rather than sweeping under the proverbial rug.  Modern Yoga for the Hero’s Journey brings peace to this tumultuous experience and creates an inner sanctum of tranquility, balance and harmony, that when cultivated consistently brings about wonderful and miraculous shifts in consciousness.  This is what humanity is craving now and those on their own Soul Journey to Consciousness will align to the resources that assist in this epic transformation.  Yoga for a better life

There comes a time on the Hero’s Journey when the coming to be becomes stronger than what has been.  All of our training and conditioning has set us up for a inner and outer conversation about the past; defining moments of our experience that explain how we got to this moment.  Herein lies a trap, dear friends…  That story will define you if you let it.  The telling of it, to yourself or others sets up the energetic conditions for perpetuation of said story.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein

Also, we must understand the nature of the story to truly adapt, let it go and move on.  For a moment, connect with a story you have been telling regarding your current situation.  Often, it involves others or another, perhaps even that “they” did something to you that affected your life experience or created your current situation. Take note right now of your story of how you got to this place…

Who are the characters?  What roles did they play?  Who was the protagonist and antagonist?  Where did the energy go and who was affected?  Do a little self-analysis to identify what part you play in this story you are telling yourself, others and your surroundings.  Begin to recognize how this story contributes to your energetic blueprint and how it may very likely be limiting your potential to become your heart’s desire.  The keys lie here…  Likely, you will find, as you identify the roles in your story that you are not the Hero.  Stories that lead to depressed energy states most often involve the dominance of another being within the story over you.  Notice now… it is just a story and change it.

Still the patterning of consciousness! The Yog...

Still the patterning of consciousness! The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali by Georg Feuerstein. Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont, 1989. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are the Hero of this Journey and as such, you can tell a different story.  You are the protagonist and it is time to deeply and intrinsically recognize this.  It will shift your entire reference point to reality and begin to markedly change the way you interact with the world today and in the future.  When you adopt any role in the story you tell other than the Hero, a dynamic gets set up whether we like it or not.  By the very nature of story-telling, we can see what happens when we don’t play the central role within the story of our lives.  Things happen to us, not because of us and often we can become adopt a victim mentality as a result.

This is a powerless state to be in, often the world around us seemingly bombarding our very existence with immense challenges that feel overwhelming and sometimes disastrous.  Well, there is a way out of this cycle perpetuated by our very own belief that we are insignificant within the divine plan.  This limiting belief is one that must go.  YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT… beyond words and meaning, the importance of your involvement towards the evolution of consciousness today results from the very fact that you are here right now…  Ultimately, whether you believe it or not, you chose to come here at this time to resolve within this discrepancy and expand into the higher consciousness.

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

This is where the Yoga comes in my friends…  Yoga, as Patanjali states, is the practice of quieting the mind.  If you rest now, for a moment into your awareness you may see just how active the mind/ego is and query, as I did, how can I stop this perceived force in my life.  How can I still such an active detractor to the amazing and beautiful life experience that is perpetually unfolding before my very own eyes.  How can I disconnect from the old story-teller and reclaim my authentic voice?  How can I begin to write a new story without the chatter of a mind/ego dominated experience?

Well, it begins Now, as stated above and with your intention to claim your experience, become the Hero of your Journey and expand beyond old-story limitations you will release yourself from that seemingly indomitable grip.  While it may sound cliche, the truth is… You are the key to unlocking the magnificence that this life experience is designed to provide.  You will become your heart’s desire, living out your wildest dreams when you let go of the story of old and step into your destiny… your greatness, dropping the limitations, accepting responsibility and designing your life anew… As the Hero.

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